An Interview With: Chloe Pack

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the 'An Interview With...' series from Dotted Cosmetics! 
In this series, we're putting the spotlight on a whole host of creatives, small business owners and individuals who are generally killing it in their industry or field. 
To kick off the series, we've spoken to the beautiful and immensely talented, Chloe Pack; a beauty columnist, and hair and editorial makeup artist from Birmingham...

Fact Sheet

Name: Chloé Pack

Brand name:





Student/ Makeup Artist


Milton Keynes/ Birmingham

What made you want to become a makeup artist E.g. How did you get the idea, did a family member or friend inspire you, do you have a natural talent for makeup artistry etc.

I’ve always been interested in beauty and fashion, but it was never something I persuaded until I finished sixth form at age 18. You’re definitely steered towards not going into a creative industry throughout education, although I applied for courses when I was 15 I was always put off due to the stigma creative subjects sadly carry.

How did you come up with your brand name?

It’s just something my friends and family have always shortened my name to, plus I do like to think it’s catchier haha.

Where do you get the inspiration for your looks? 

It can vary, usually someone would tell you it’s just their surroundings but if you look deeper into it, that makes a lot of sense. The world around us, politics, feminism, the news, trends (TV shows or films can be a big one- think Euphoria!), artwork with Surrealism /Expressionism/ Dadaism, Climate change/ Sustainability, I could go on. Everything around us usually eventually turns into a trend in some form- but there's definitely cases where it’s just insensitive!

What are your current favourite beauty brands/products?

I’m trying to only use sustainable and vegan makeup at the moment as well as becoming as close to being zero waste as possible. I’ve been researching and trying a lot of different brands recently and seeing what their ethos and diversity levels are like as it’s been completely normalised for brands to only have white target markets and exclude so many women and men that don’t fit this category!! One of my favourites is definitely ‘The Ordinary, I only began trying their products a few months ago but they’ve been trending this year. Another one of my trusty brands is NYX with the range they've got of everything!

What are the biggest challenges of being a makeup artist?

Your competitors are everywhere, it’s a massive industry! It can be difficult to always be so motivated in a career where the majority of people you’ll encounter will stereotype you or criticise your craft. Art will always be subjective though and we’ll always need it!

What are the best things about being a makeup artist?

It’s really a blessing to be able to have a career in something you actually enjoy and it seems quite rare in life for something that big to be better than satisfactory. I love my little projects that I think up, seeing my vision shown in real life always makes me feel proud.

If you could transform one influencer/celebrity who would you choose and why?

Zendaya, an unproblematic queen!

What are your future goals? I.e. do you want to be published in a certain magazine, do you want to work with a certain brand etc.

I’ve always had two main goals: to not only have my work published in Dazed but to write and work for them. My other goal is to work at one of the Fashion Weeks around the world, it’d be so amazing.

What advice do you have for other aspiring makeup artists?

It can be tough to persevere particularly when you have a creative block, but grab every opportunity you can, people won’t reach out to you majority of the time so it’s very important to have the confidence and ask as many people as you can for collaborations or help.

What can people do to support you and your business?

I definitely want to collaborate with as many people as I can, whether it’s for a project of my own or theirs. Reach out to me via my instagram handle or website :)


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