How to Choose a Nude Lip Gloss for Dark Skin

Choosing a nude lip gloss for dark skin is no easy task. You’ll have to consider everything from skin undertone to formula pigmentation, and of course, that all-important lip gloss shine, to ensure it’s the perfect nude for you. 

But not to worry ladies and gents, we’re here to help you out. We’ve put together this super simple guide to help all of our dark-skinned babes find the perfect nude lip gloss. 

The Challenges of Choosing Lip Gloss for Darker Skin

Before we look at the solutions, let’s get into the problems. Why is it so difficult to find a nude lip gloss for dark skin


Problem 1: Pigmentation

Have you ever bought lipstick or lipgloss online and tried it on, only to find the colour fades into nothingness? Frustrating, right? A lot of lipglosses simply aren’t pigmented enough to show up on darker skin tones. This is great if you’re going for the sheer nude lip look, but if you want a formula that packs more of a punch, you may have to pay more, or look elsewhere.


Problem 2: Lipgloss undertones 

Another challenge that comes with choosing lip gloss for dark lips is the undertone. Just like those with lighter skin tones, dark-skinned men and women have different undertones to consider. This is usually split into three categories: warm, neutral and cool undertones. 

More often than not, some of the more popular nude lip glosses lean towards the cooler undertones, and this can sometimes look ashy or milky on those with dark skin. 

Which Lip Gloss is Best for Dark Lips?

If you’ve got dark skin and dark lips and you’re not sure which nude lip gloss shade to go for, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put some of our top suggestions below. 

Brown Lip Gloss

A brown lip gloss will help you to achieve that sultry, 90s look with ease, and it looks great on those with dark lips! Of course, there are many different shades to choose from, so it’s all about selecting the option that suits your skin tone the best.

Our tips: 

  • If you’re got dark brown lips, opt for a medium brown lip gloss and a dark brown lip liner
  • If you’ve got medium brown lips, opt for a medium brown lip gloss or a light brown lip gloss with a medium brown lip liner (lip liner is optional)

Clear Lip Gloss

Okay, this is technically a cheat option, but hear us out! If you’ve got rich, highly pigmented natural lips, why go out of your way to cover them up? All you’ll need is a super-glossy clear lip gloss to enhance your natural lip colour and make your lips stand out. 

Our tips: 

  • Use a dark brown lip liner and clear lip gloss for a dramatic, 90s lip look
  • Apply clear lip gloss on top of your favourite nude lipstick shade 

Peach Lip Gloss

Peach lip gloss and dark skin is a match made in heaven. This combo works best for those with warm and neutral skin undertones, and it will easily take your spring and summer makeup looks to the next level!

Our tips:

  • When using peach lip gloss for dark skin, always combine it with a brown lip liner that matches your skin tone
  • Opt for a sheer peach lip gloss formula rather than an opaque lip gloss formula for a more natural look

Neutral Lip Gloss

A neutral lip gloss is a great option for those with neutral undertones. These lip gloss shades aren’t too warm, and they aren’t too cool, so they’ll work well on a range of dark skin tones.

If you’re unsure of your skin’s undertone, look at the veins in your wrist. If you have a neutral undertone, you shouldn’t be able to see your veins at all, or they may appear very faintly under your skin.

Our tips:

  • When using neutral lip gloss for dark skin, always combine it with a brown lip liner that matches your skin tone
  • Check your undertone before buying a neutral lip gloss, you may be surprised at what you find!