7 False Eyelash Hacks That Will Change your LIFE

If you’re a false eyelash veteran, like us, it’s likely that you’ve tried almost every trick in the book when it comes to caring for false lashes, finding the best styles and taking your looks to the next level. But, we think we can top those tips with our latest guide.

We’ve scoured the entire internet (well, almost), to find the best of the best when it comes to false eyelash hacks. No matter whether you want to make your lashes last longer, or you just want to switch up your lash look, we’ve got you covered.


1. Cut lashes in half to create corner lashes

Okay, hear us out. It might seem barbaric to cut your favourite falsies in half, but we promise it’s worth it. 

If you’re looking a for more natural false lash effect, you can cut a normal pair of falsies in half to create corner lashes. This will help you to create a cat-eye effect.


2. Wrap your lashes around a makeup brush before applying them

This trick will help the lashes follow the natural curvature of your eye, and it will help them to stick easier!

three pairs of false eyelashes


3. Stack more than one pair of false eyelashes for extra drama

For some, one lash just isn’t enough, so this trick will help you to get maximum volume with ease. We recommend layering two different styles of lashes for a unique look. Some of our favourite combinations include:

4. Chop your eyelashes into small pieces to create individual lashes

If you’re a pro with your tweezers, why not try this individual lash trick? Cut your full-sized lashes into small sections and spread them out along your top or lower lash line for a doe-eyed effect.

false eyelashes cut into smaller pieces

5. Apply extra glue to the inner and outer corners of lashes

If you’re an avid false lash-wearer, you’ll know the feeling of activating panic-mode when the inner corners of your lashes won’t stick at the last minute. Fortunately, there’s a really simple fix for this!

Add an extra drop of glue to the inner corner of your eye, and make sure the area is really dry before you apply your lashes. 


6. Apply the glue to your lash line instead of your actual lashes

This hack will help you to stick your falsies down when you’re in a hurry. Simply add a line of lash glue to your eyelid, wait for it to get tacky and lay your lashes down. 


7. Use a bobby pin to apply your lash glue more precisely

If you’re using the trick above to apply your false lashes, it can be difficult not to get lash glue everywhere. That’s where a bobby pin comes in handy.

Simple add lash glue to your bobby pin and use it as a pen to draw lash glue on your lash line. This will help you to get a precise line without ruining your eye makeup. 

Which one of our false eyelash tips and tricks did you like the best? Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family so they can benefit too!