Spotlight on Access UK


As a black-owned business, we want to do what we can to help combat the issues that the black community are facing today. That's why we're starting a spotlight series, highlighting some of the amazing organisations helping to combat racism, support the BAME youth and more. We're also donating the profits from our Sofia false lashes to these causes. 

There are a whole host of charities, organisations and not-for-profits that need our attention. So, we've decided to highlight a new charity every 6 months so that we can donate money to range of causes.

To start off the series, we're introducing you to ACCESS UK!


"AccessUK is a charitable organisation that was founded in 2014, as a voice for the million or more youths who are currently unemployed in the UK, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Our main objective is to help reduce BME youth unemployment, provide employment and training solutions for youth offenders and implement anti-gang initiatives in the community."

Source: Access UK Website

Where Are ACCESS UK Based?

London. Specifically, in the boroughs of:

  • Brent 
  • Hackney
  • Haringey

What Services Do ACCESS UK Provide?

  • Careers guidance
  • Business and enterprise support
  • Training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Workshops
  • Black history classes
  • Graduate job brokerage services
  • CV writing
  • Gang mediation
  • Employer services

Why Is This Service Needed? 

Simply put, young black men and women don't get access to the same opportunities as their white counterparts. Even more shocking statistics reveal that:

  • In London, black male graduates are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as white male graduates (BBC).
  • 9% of black people in the UK are unemployed. This is the highest unemployment rate out of all ethnic groups (GOV.UK)
  • Black graduates are up to three times more likely to unemployed, compared to white graduates (ACCESS UK)

Organisations such as ACCESS UK are helping to create a level playing field for BAME youths through education and support. This helps to improve job prospects from a younger age, and it will help to open doors for BAME youths.

If you want to learn more about ACCESS UK, we've listed their social media information below: